Simon-Williamson Medical Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama

Since Harold E. Simon, MD and Byrn Williamson, MD founded the Simon-Williamson clinic in 1935, we’ve served thousands of patients in Birmingham AL with compassionate care and the latest medical technology. We offer 36 providers who specialize in different areas, ensuring that you’ll find the right physician for your needs. Here’s a look at what we offer in our multi-specialty clinic.

Our Medical Specialists maintain privileges at several area hospitals, including Brookwood Princeton Baptist, Brookwood Baptist, St. Vincent’s, and Children’s of Alabama.

Primary Care Physician

Our adult primary care physicians are the center of your healthcare needs. They’re here to treat and diagnose your condition, offer healthcare advice, and help you prevent more serious conditions in the future. Primary care physicians work with injuries and illnesses that don’t require surgery. Call to make an appointment, or visit our Urgent Care nurse practitioner for same-day service.


Our hematologists/oncologists deal with blood diseases and cancers. They diagnose various diseases, then work with other professionals in our clinic to create a treatment regimen. This could include surgery, medication, and radiation.


Optometrists perform regular eye exams and checkups. Our specialists diagnose eye diseases and perform non-surgical treatments. If you need surgery, our ophthalmologists provide unparalleled skill and expertise. The eye is a delicate region, and our professionals understand the importance of a successful surgery.


Our gastroenterologists treat and diagnose conditions related to your gastrointestinal (GI) tract. They perform exams to diagnose conditions like polyps, tumors, gallstones, scarring, colon cancer, and other issues that might be causing your symptoms.


Urologists treat issues related to the urinary system. This includes everything from kidney stones and prostate cancer to urinary infections, incontinence, and enlarged prostates. Our urologists offer diagnoses and treatment for both men and women.


Our midwives and OBGYNs provide medical services throughout your pregnancy. This includes screenings, treatment for health conditions, postpartum care, and the actual delivery. Our midwives partner with you for a safe, compassionate delivery that aligns with your lifestyle values. After the birth, we offer lactation services if your baby doesn’t want to nurse.

Our gynecologists perform regular screenings and exams through our well-woman program. If necessary, we diagnose and treat conditions like menopause, menstrual issues, and tumor development. Our specialists also deal with different types of contraception.

Diabetes Education

Were you recently diagnosed with diabetes? Our diabetes education program teaches you about exercising, eating the right foods, managing your blood sugar, taking medication, and taking other steps to keep your diabetes under control. We’ll also teach you how to painlessly test your blood sugar levels.


Our podiatrists treat a number of foot- and ankle related conditions. This includes skin diseases, foot fungus, deformities, chronic pain, calluses, and other issues. Our podiatrists have at least eight years of education and training, making them experts in their field.


Rheumatologists deal with arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint pain, deformities, back pain, gout, and autoimmune diseases. Our dedicated specialists treat pain, swelling, and inflammation to relieve the symptoms of musculoskeletal conditions.


Regular checkups are an essential part of your child’s development. Our compassionate pediatricians offer vaccinations, physicals, exams, diagnoses, and much more. They also give advice on preventing accidents, treating common illnesses, taking care of your child’s mental health, feeding them a healthy diet, dealing with issues at school, and other parenting topics. Over the years, your child’s pediatrician will become one of your most trusted specialists.

Contact Our Medical Specialists Today

When you need quality care in Birmingham AL, sign up for an appointment online or take advantage of select walk-in services. We serve new patients and returning patients throughout the Birmingham AL community. If you’re a new patient, looking for free services, need help with health insurance, or simply want more information, contact our medical center to speak to one of our experts. Our Medical Specialists are committed to providing everyone in Birmingham, Alabama with the best multi-specialty health care in the region.

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